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Fragrance of the Month: Nectarine Sangria

by Denise Jenike June 15, 2020

  NEW Nectarine Sangria on SALE! These are first quality, hand poured and finished  candles, just like all of our candles. We love to experiment with fragrance  blends but this one is really nice -  a little bit of fruit, slightly sweet but not floral. We are certain you'll love it.
Why call it a Fragrance of the Month? glad you asked.
Check back often for additional specials and discounts on new fragrances and on tried and true designs. We know that many people are simply loyal to a particular scent or candle design - and we really appreciate it - but it is also fun to try something new.
We often receive fragrance samples to test and decide if it will be a good addition to our fragrance line up. 
The Double Fragrance collection is made with each single fragrance to stand alone as the best of the best for that scent.

  MinTeaLavender may seem like an unusual combination but it has quickly become one of our best sellers! This blend is in harmony with a yoga class or a "time-out" at home. There's nothing to compare with FrankincenseIt is un-mistakenly exotic with an earthy incense-like aroma. And then there's a fragrance like LemonDrop that is just a cut above. Not just another lemony lemon - ours has depth and a smooth, mellow quality. There are lots of fragrance choices in the Double Fragrance collection so you're sure to find a favorite.

Try the NEW Nectarine Sangria TODAY!


Denise Jenike
Denise Jenike


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