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Floating Candles

Floating Candles 5 inch Rose Blossom

Floating Candles 5 inch Rose Blossom

UNscented Rose Blossom candles are perfect for a pool, pond or as a table-top centerpiece.

We use a larger wick in the Rose Blossom giving it a more dramatic glow especially in the distance of an outdoor setting. The long burn time (up to 12 hours) may allow you to use it on several different occasions.

Single candle $8.95
Save 10% on a box of 6      Save 15% on a box of 12
Need more candles for a big event?
Please call us: 866-264-1971


Choose the companion little sister 3" Banquet Rose for individual place settings - see the images below!


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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BARB (St. Petersburg, US)
Beautiful rose floating candle…

The candle is lovely but the customer service was even better. I needed it in 6 days for my son’s wedding. I reached out to see when they could send. They were in the middle of a move but was assured she would check to see if they had it in stock. She emailed me to let me know they indeed did have it available and she had already sent. It arrived 3 days before the event. It’s amazing to have that kind of customer service and as a bonus a wonderful candle that burned for 6 hours already and looks to have a lot more time! Thank you!!

Hello and thank you for your review. We're happy with the candle and that it arrived in time for the wedding.

Large gorgeouse rose

Beautiful large rose candle, lights up easily and looks gorgeous. Great purchase