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Floating Flower Candles

Floating: Dahlia Floating Flower Candle

Dahlia floating candles are 3 inches in diameter.

Dahlia candles add an elegant charming accent as wedding favors.

All Dahlias are hand poured with an outer color and white tips on the petals. We do not use paint - colors are all wax colors.

Single retail price is $3.95 each; you save 10% on our package of 4 candles, save 15% on a box of 12 and save 25% on a carton of 36 candles!

Floating Dahlia candles can be used in a large centerpiece bowl, glass cylinders, or in your vintage glass collectible vases or bowls.

Did you know that the Dahlia is National Flower of Mexico?
 Unscented          Size: 3"       Burn time: 7 Hours

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