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Floating Flower Candles

Floating 5 inch Sunflower Pool Candle

Floating 5 inch Sunflower Pool Candle

Large Sunflower Floating Pool candles give a bright, long-lasting glow.

Exciting in a pool, pond, or maybe a birdbath; add a the "special" to your special occasion.

Setting the table indoors with a country theme? Fill a big punch bowl with room temperature water and a big sunflower candle as the centerpiece. Please note that handmade candles may show some slight variations in color. All colors are all wax - we do NOT use paint.

Size: 5" Unscented Burn time: 16 Hours
Single candle price $11.95
Save 10% on a box of 6 candles ($10.75 each)
Save 15% on a case of 12 candles $ ($10.15 each)
Need more candles for a special event at your banquet hall or special event? Please give us a call: 866-264-1971