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Floating Pool Candles

Floating Pool Candle: Hibiscus Floating Pool Candle 5"

Hibiscus floating candles are perfect in the pond, pool, birdbath or table-top!

Our hibiscus floating pool candles are available in white, with a color-flared center. All of our colors are real wax made right in the candle mold - we do not use paint. Please note that because of the swirl of color, candles may appear different than the store picture. This large 5" flower candle is both a great choice for a table-top candle centerpiece or floating in your pond, pool or birdbath. Hibiscus floating candles are unscented, and really romantic.

Choose our Hibiscus floating candle as the centerpiece to your party decorations. 

The state flower of Hawaii, hibiscus flowers are so beautiful and so dramatic.

Size: 5"        Unscented       Burn time: 16 Hours

 Single candle $11.95    Save 10% on box of 6.   Save 15% on a box of 12.

Need more candles for a big event? Please call: 866-264-1971

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