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Celebrating 52 years of candlelight.

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Snowy Night is a signature exclusive fragrance and we feature our artisan candles as we also feature a portion of a beautiful mural painted on the walls of a popular creek trail in Prescott.

More info: Granite Creek Trail Project

Enjoy the aroma of Snowy Night scented snowball candles.

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Everything we do is designed to give you the best we have to offer. 

We pack and ship our candles using biodegradable packing
"peanuts" to make sure your candles and accessories arrive safely.

To Learn more About us.  Beautiful candlelight doesn't just happen, it's made to happen.

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Refined wax, exceptional fragrances, quality by every measure.

The best candles start with the best materials and experienced craftsmanship that comes from constant attention to every detail. Shop with confidence that your candles are made well to perform well from start to finish. Our candles are designed to enhance your home with color, fragrance and the ambiance that only candle light can bring.