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Employment Opportunity

Assistant Candle maker

We are seeking an energetic, mature and dependable person to be a candle maker assistant.

We are looking for an individual that has well rounded interpersonal skills who can successfully multi-task and is a quick learner. Must be able to work quickly, efficiently, have exceptional attention to detail and care about creating quality candles, as instructed, to meet our high standards.

Key skills will include, but not limited to:

Experience and education:

If you have experience with production baking, ceramics or any number of hands-on crafts, you can easily excel at this position! For example, prior experience in production candle or soap making is a plus; we prefer a minimum of 1 year in a related field.

This position requires working with wax and additives such as color and fragrance.

If called on to communicate with a customer or a vendor, we expect a courteous and friendly attitude at all times.  This is strictly a non-smoking business.

Safe, healthy work environment:

COVID-19 considerations:
To keep our employees as safe as possible, we provide masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. We are also adhering to all state requirements and CDC recommendations.

You are cordially invited to submit a cover letter and resume via E-mail to: Denise:

We thoroughly read all resumes submitted and then call to schedule an interview. It is possible to drop off a resume but, please know, we are not able to interview on short notice.