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About Us - Why Armadilla and Not Armadillo!

 The first thing people often ask us is about our name. You'll notice that we misspelled armadillo by changing the "o" to an "a". The reason is that one of the original members lived for a time in Texas and it seemed appropriate to use the Texas pronunciation. Plus we loved the music from The Armadillo World Headquarters. We still have a connection to Texas in that two of our beautiful Granddaughters were born in Texas and one of our sons and his daughter still live in Austin.

The  candles you see on our web site are the result of the evolution of ideas and experimentation. The wax tanks have changed from a wide and deep tank to allow us to dip 36" taper candles to smaller, more portable rolling tanks that we now use for smaller batches of wax for the detailed color changes in the floating candles. Just so you know, all of our designs are original and all of our candles are poured in molds that we have made.

We are currently thinking about the next generation for Armadilla Wax Works and a path to retirement. 



Everybody has a philosophy about their work - about often seems that it just comes down to something as simple as "focus and simplify". Our job has always been to make the best candles we know how so that they can do their job well - burn clean and burn as long as possible. We use carefully chosen and tested fragrances and waxes and hire exceptional people.

This is us - photo taken just a couple of years ago. "It's only a paper moon" set was over in San Diego.

Some of the equipment here has been in service since we started this in 1971. We all show a little wear around the edges and most often we are covered in wax in one way or another. It's inevitable.

Must have wick! This is our wick waxing machine - quite the contraption made in Italy and sent with no instructions. Luckily they sent it already threaded so we just followed their lead. Does a good job!


We would like you to know that when we use those white packing "peanuts" to ship your order, they are 100% biodegradable - they are made of a corn and potato starch mixture and will disintegrate in water.

One more thing, you know that all of our candles are made in Prescott, Arizona and you may notice a little Arizona flag icon on a few products because we want you to know that, whenever possible, we include accessories from Arizona makers.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company and believe it is an honor to have our candles selected for a wedding or given as gifts. Thanks for shopping with small local companies wherever you may live - on behalf of all small business owners, we thank you!

                            Armadilla Wax Works, Inc, Established in 1971

                           2225 E. State Route 69, Prescott, AZ 86301