Arizona inspirations.

Arizona inspirations.

Ever wonder why we say "out West" and "back East". Likely because of incredible differences East and West of the Rockies! Western states are rugged, scenic areas from rocky mountain forests, to below sea level deserts, and on out to the beautiful Pacific Ocean Coast. 

Arizona is a unique place with incredible geography, people and history. Home to the Grand Canyon, the Sonora Desert, with giant saguaros, and sand dunes in the Southwest. The Armadilla Wax Works in in the mid-north-western part of the state where we see pine trees growing alongside cactus!  "Out West" one can see the horizon for miles and miles. The places and people offer a never-ending abundance of inspiration of colors and designs for the artists who live here in Arizona including Native Americans, non-native residents, cowboy poets, painters of western art and writers of wild West history. Here then are a few images of Arizona that are inspiration for some of the candle colors and designs from Armadilla Wax Works ~ some you already know, like the Desert Rain, Copper Canyon and Starry Night, and some to be introduced this year.

These desert landscapes are from around the Tucson area and desert museum.



The image below is Watson Lake area in Prescott, AZ where the Pow Wow took place last fall. 

  The Pow Wow is a social intertribal gathering of people from many different tribes of the Southwest. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in a spirit of respect, sharing and learning and to maintain native heritage through ceremony and dance.

 Attendees at the Pow Wow came from the Southwest ~ from California to Oklahoma, Nevada to New Mexico and of course, from here in Arizona. 

 Link to PowWow:

A few of the new ideas for candle designs and fragrances "in the works":

Casa Vieja - Tempe, AZ       Whisky Row, Prescott, AZ      Old Jerome, AZ


Casa Vieja: Landmark original adobe home of Senator Carl Hayden was built in 1873. The hacienda became a restaurant in 1954.  Located two blocks from original location of Armadilla Wax Works. The building, thankfully, is now being renovated.

Whisky Row: An historic, thriving district in downtown Prescott. Originally home to over 40 bars, serving settlers, cowboys, prospectors, shady ladies, gamblers and outlaws. Still home to the oldest frontier saloon in Arizona. 

Old Jerome: Founded in 1876, once called "the wickedest town in the west". Gradually Jerome fell into neglect and disrepair and was known as a ghost town. Designated as a National Historic District in 1967, continuous renovations over the years have have brought renewed interest and businesses. Folk Singer Kate Wolf wrote a song called Old Jerome in 1983. The song was designated as Jerome's official anthem in 1987. YouTube recording:


Armadilla Wax Works was founded by Kent Buttermann and partners in 1971 in old town Tempe. 
Kent is still creating candlelight beginning with pouring hot wax into candle molds.
Insulated tanks keep liquid wax at a stable, regulated temperature. Large molds will take several hours, or up to a full day, to completely cool and become ready to unmold. 
Once unmolded, each candle is finished with careful attention to detail and texture.  
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