Cinderella theme birthday party.

I am lucky to have three little granddaughters! Just about everything in their world is fairies, princesses and ballerinas. One of my favorite stores was, and is, Cinderella. As the oldest of five children in my family, I sometimes felt like little Cinderella since I had to help with so many chores at home.

A couple of years ago we received a call from a customer ordering pumpkin candles in February and wanted to know if we still had them in stock this time of the year.

Of course I had to ask ~ what did they want with pumpkin candles in February?   

    Well, as you can now guess, they were going to be used for a birthday party with a "Cinderella" theme!

Now I think about that every year at this time! 

So - if you are looking for a magical centerpiece for your princesses, remember that we make pumpkin floating candles for your centerpiece!

Pumpkin candles for Cinderella theme party.

Rose candles.

On the other hand, princess stories are so romantic, you might like to use flower floating candles for your centerpiece and accent with real or silk flowers. Choose a simple container or your own mismatched collection of vintage glasses to hold the water and candles. The candle flames will illuminate the containers and oftentimes send surprising rainbow reflections throughout the glass.

Floating banquet rose unscented candles for weddings and special events.The candle flames are in the center of the candle and last for up to 6 or 7 hours. Once the party is over, pour out the water and the remains of the candle will flow out so you can start a new centerpiece with fresh water and candles for your next party.

      One of my little princesses, when she was very little, dressed for spring in her lovely hat! Little girls have very definite ideas about fashion and color!

Floating rose candles for special birthday parties.


Floating rose candles may look delicate but they burn up to 6 hours.

Keep in mind that we recommend using Unscented candles for a dinner table centerpiece so that a candle fragrance won't interfere with the aromas of the dinner!

Just thought you might like to know that all of our candles are made from our own original designs and molds, hand poured in our candle factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Each candle is given special attention and packed carefully. We use recycled and biodegradable packing "peanuts" so our candles ship safely.