Fragrances bring back memories.

Fragrances bring back memories.

Fragrances are in store at the candle store!

We're featuring our Peach Nectar and Buttercream Vanilla scented candles - just because it's summer time. Fall is near but not here just yet. We have lots of fragrances (and colors) to choose from. Just what a candle shop is supposed to.

The best peach pie I ever ate was made by an unlikely baker who was a store owner in old town Tempe back in the 80's. It was simply amazing! I still remember how good it was!

Fragrances really do bring back memories - home cooked meals - freshly baked pies or cakes. There's a certain aroma at the farmer's market, the beauty salon, the pet food store. We are working on a fragrance we learned about that is very popular in Turkey - the home country of our daughter in law. We researched the uses and ingredients and asked the candle fragrance supplier to try to develop a fragrance for us. We made a small sample candle and sent it to her, only to learn that it was so true to her memory that it brought her to tears ~ remembering the aroma that was always prevalent in her grandmother's home. 

Has this ever happened to you?   

This photo and message is from a loyal Armadilla Wax Works customer - we appreciate her very much!

...I have been buying your candles ever since moving to Prescott in 1986. Your votives are THE BEST! They burn the cleanest of all other votives. I love ALL the fragrances, but I have a few favorites! I light lemongrass for summer, apple orchard or pumpkin spice for fall, pine or orange spice for winter, and honeydew for spring! I usually visit your store every season to get "stocked up!" Thanks for providing such beautiful candles all these years!

- Elaine Fenton

 It may surprise many people but vanilla is the number one ice cream flavor in  the USA. The first flavor most of us think about is chocolate. It must be because it is not only a good flavor but it can be used in, or on, lots of desserts!

Fragrances are developed by fragrance companies for specific products and purposes - such as skin safe fragrances for soaps and lotions, synthetic fragrances designed specifically for candles. The clean cotton braided candle wicks are also coordinated in size to use all of the wax in the candle for great aromas and long burn times.


Have you ever tried lighting two (or more) candle fragrances at the same time? It's like making your own "recipe" of aromas. Sometimes it's as simple as peach + vanilla = peach pie a la mode! 

Vanilla seems to bring out the best in just about any fragrance - and the flavor of food. I can't remember when I actually measured a teaspoon of vanilla extract for a recipe - if a little is good, a little more is better.

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