Josie's Pear

Josie's Pear

New delicious pear candle fragrance inspired by Josephine Ann.

Armadilla Wax Works

This is Josephine Ann, of Austin, Texas, enjoying a delicious pear for breakfast.

We were so enamored of these photos of our Granddaughter, we asked our candle scent supplier to create a fragrance as delicious as this pear appears to be.

Success! The newest fragrance is Josie's Pear.

Juicy and delicious.

When Mom hands you a new food item, especially something that's quite large and requires a balance between both hands, it's definitely concerning. She seems to think it's OK; we'll just see about this.

Following her lead on how to get a bite of this thing placed in my hands, and trusting her food choices, naturally, the next step is to go ahead and taste test.

Oh, this really is good. Hopefully she doesn't expect me to eat all of it.

Actually, tast testing is a way of life. You never know if something is food or not until you try it out. Normally, most stuff around the house is apparently not a food and is stolen right away.

This item must certainly be food since I am in my high chair, where I am given approved food items.

Sometimes the process can get messy if it is totally unacceptable, it can easily and quickly be dropped on the floor. Hunger aside, eating food is a learning process for both of us. There is an ongoing negotiation between overcoming hunger and food designated as OK. Sometimes hunger overcomes the disagreeable taste of something, but not always.

This thing is pretty tasty and fun to eat.

So it meets approval and makes Mom happy.

Fragrances are a matter of taste.

Aromas of plants, fruits, herbs, spices and flowers let us know when something is fresh and delicious. Most animals depend on scent to guide them throughout their territory, towards food and away from danger. Our senses are not as keen, but if someone is baking bread, we're there. Experienced farmers know the aromas of their crops as they grow and exactly when they are ready to harvest.

A juicy, ripe pear is a thing of beauty.

Pears are nourishing and an entertaining experience to some people.  

Fragrance designers are like talented chefs.

    A single fragrance, or taste, is never a single fragrance. We mere mortals might be fooled into thinking so, but by combining several ingredients, maybe dozens, these talented arists create aromas or tastes to fool us and "mother nature". Some like it spicy and some prefer sweet. Even so, vanilla is still the most popular fragrance ingredient and flavor. Who would have thought vanilla would win over chocolate?

    At Armadilla Wax Works, candlelight doesn't just happen, it's made to happen by combining wax, fragrance (or none), cotton wick size and color to deliver a clean long burning candle.

    The perfume counter at the department store is filled with extraordinary aromas, created with strictly guarded formulas, to suit every personality style. A bakery counter is filled with dozens of cookies and baked goods to delight every taste. Proprietary recipes are handed down through generations.

    Creative ideas are most often the result of trial and error to arrive at the perfect result. When it comes to making candles, it is a matter of science and art - as with any artistic occupation. The candles, and cookies, need to look good to start with.

Kent is pouring liquid hot wax into pillar candle molds.

Notice the thickness of each mold. Silicone rubber is a great way to create designs or textures on the candle because the material is very strong and yet flexible to a certain degree. It withstands the heat of the wax rim and time again. It also has a tendency to absorb some of the candle fragrance and color. A white candle will not be completely white if poured into a mold that previously had red wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer classes?

We do not offer candle making classes.. 

Do you sell candle making supplies?

Occasionally we have various amounts of wax available for sale that already has scent and color.