New Old Home

New Old Home

 The candle store is now open. 
Store hours are: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10-4
As the holidays get underway, they may change accordingly.
As a matter of fact, we are looking for a part time person
for the retail store and shipping. Check out the Employment Opportunities page on the website.
  We are making fall candles like our Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Spice and Orange Cinnamon.  





The artisan hand-made soap selection is exciting. 
Gigglestars Soaps are made in Tucson!
Try True Grit, Desert Rain Creosote, Pumpkin Spice
and Kentucky name a few!

The fun stuff is brought to you by Bright Beam Goods featuring precise laser cut spinning tops kits (you color in the design yourself) and the Mistaken Lyrics cork coasters etched with silly lyrics. Sing along to this tune ~ Free Fallin' :

    she’s a good girl ~ loves her mama ~ loves cheez-its ~ and America too.



For those who prefer unscented candlelight, the unscented candles have an elegant home in the candle store featuring a beautiful wedding scene photo.






This is a charming video of a friend and customer who enjoyed playing the 1916 piano in the candle store on Sept. 23, 2022.

Click on the photo and enjoy!

Look for our new banner signs and light pole sign at the new "old" address:

2225 E. State Route 69, Prescott, AZ 86301. So, what are we talking about - new?- old ?

Once upon a time, about 25 years ago, Armadilla Wax Works was in this building!  Son Charlie, drew the "Balloon-a-dillas" cartoon and seems perfect for the dramatic move we made from the Prescott Valley location, back to Prescott! Would that it had been that simple with flying armadillas!

Back to the future so to speak.