Oldest hometown Candle Factory and Store in Arizona!

Oldest hometown Candle Factory and Store in Arizona!

Did you know ... Prescot Valley is the home of the oldest, the best and the largest candle shop in Arizona?

The Armadilla Wax Works, with a 4,000 square foot store, features original designs colors and sizes of the most fragrant pillar candles in the state, made on site ... has a story to tell!

Kent and Denise started their candle making and retail business in old town Tempe in 1971. Participation from all of the small businesses in the area at the time, including the ever popular Changing Hands bookstore - still a favorite independent store in the valley. Over the early years, through the development of an arts and crafts fair held throughout the downtown area, brought customers to the small stores. 

Armadilla Wax Works started out making 36" tall taper candles and then began making sand cast candles (remember those?) Always curious about creating new and different mold ideas and techniques, novelty candles in fantasy and flower shapes for home décor and special events became the focus for many years. 

Sunflower floating candles are still part of special event and wedding centerpieces and the Prescott Valley store now features scented pillar candles with dozens of gorgeous colors and exceptional fragrances - the best on the market today!

When you have a devoted artisan chandler like Kent and his family making candles for 50 years, you know you have the best. Formulated to burn long and clean, and fully fragranced, you are buying the best from the best! It's hometown, and it's unrivaled! 

Enjoy true artisan quality and little bit of local lore!

(This was the location at the time of the writing of this blog post.) 6689 E. First St, Prescott Valley AZ     

Come on in!