Armadilla in Arizona

Armadilla in Arizona

Thought you might like to meet our mascot - a rustic metal armadillo sculpture, out in the yard, surrounded by prickly pear cactus, nestled among rocks and gravel. Looks pretty content.

As you may know, we are often the recipients of armadillo-related stuff - stuffed animals, photos and even a teapot.

 As a business located in the Southwest, you may have noticed that many of the candle fragrances and colors reflect the area. Phoenix Morning Tea, Jacaranda and Cactus Flower colors and fragrances are beautiful and compliment home décor perfectly.


Wondering why armadillo was chosen as the name of the company? One of the original founders lived for a time in Texas and the pronunciation sounded more like an "a" than an "o". In the '70's, many independent craft businesses seemed to be choosing unique names for their company ~ Bullfrog Light Light Company, Aardvark Clothing Company... so Armadilla Wax Works seemed just right.   

Austin, Texas is probably the most well-known for armadillos because it is where the legendary auditorium Armadillo World Headquarters was located.

 "Armadillos don't see well. They don't hear well, either. But they do have long, sharp claws, and they have been known to eat lawyers. The armadillo may well be the best-loved animal in Austin."

Babies (pups) are the cutest - here's a photo of armadillo babies.