Sneak Peek about old stories and new candles.

Sneak Peek about old stories and new candles.

As we head into the fall and holiday season, you might want to know that we are working on NEW candle collections!

With a continued interest in story telling and in Southwest fragrances and colors, we will be introducing a beautiful new fragrance that honors Tempe history and made with a fragrance originally created in Turkey.. 

As a ceremonial welcome to the home, many Turkish people offer their guest a splash of lightly perfumed cologne, in their cupped hands, to cleanse and refresh. Why are we so interested in this tradition? One of our daughters in law is from Turkey and we wanted to honor her and welcome her to our family.

Why the connection to Tempe? The candle business started in Tempe in the1970's just a block away from this historic hacienda on Mill avenue. Originally built by Carl Hayden, just across from the Hayden's Flour Mill, the home was a welcome landmark in the area.  Both the home and the mill are still standing today. You may have noticed Hayden's Flour Mill products in grocery stores! The hacienda eventually became a once famous restaurant, Monti's La Casa Vieja, and is now being restored. The restaurant was also a popular establishment for many years with delicious food and a friendly ambiance. 


Arizona still has many ghost towns and one town in particular, Jerome, still boasts of a haunting now and then in one or more homes and businesses. Perched on the side of the mountain, this old town has been transformed from almost uninhabitable buildings to a thriving community of long time residents and arts and crafts businesses line the main street. Did you know that there have been songs written about Jerome? We thought you might like to hear...

           Kate Wolf's song "Old Jerome "

      Bare Naked Ladies'song "Jerome " 

Our new fragrance is a blend of suede, tobacco leaf and a hint of patchouli to give it that old town
feeling with an old hippie vibe. Dedicated to the artist Anne Bassett who once lived in Jerome
and to the musician Kate Wolf.