Spring Candles, how does your garden "glow"?

Spring Candles, how does your garden "glow"?


Home fragrance is a lot like your personal perfume fragrance - it is a reflection of you and your personality. It can be confusing. Kind of like choosing a paint color for the walls. How many swatches does it take until you see the right one?

The thing about fragrance is that it lingers in your mind for a long time. You may not realize it's there until an aroma triggers an experience - a memory. Fragrance is more of a feeling - the feeling you want people to have when they come to your home.

Let's say you love the aroma of fresh citrusy scents - something fresh and clean - the kind of aroma that says you are friendly and outgoing. How about the power of flowers? ~ the aroma of a bouquet of garden flowers that says you are a welcoming, cheerful and calm person. This is not only your personality, it is the personality of your home. See, it's not that complicated.

Just be yourself and the fragrances you choose for your home will match your personality with ease; with style. How does this relate to candles you may ask? Good question - it's all good, only with candles you get an amazing bonus - candlelight. It's tempting to over think it.  Fragrance is an important home decor consideration - it's an accent - like a favorite hand woven throw or quilt across the back of a chair. It's the ability to keep it simple. Works every time.

At the Armadilla Wax Works, we know that candlelight alone is a beautiful way to commemorate and celebrate. We also know that style often includes fragrance. We only use the best and we test everything. It is a matter of science and creativity so that the candle wick and wax formula will work together and deliver that wonderful aroma every time the candle is lit.  Some of our candles are layers of colors, shades of a color, single fragrances or our own blends or proprietary scents you can only find at Armadilla Wax Works. 

Here are a few exceptional spring scented candles for you to consider for your home.