Stories about Armadilla Wax Works, candles, family and friends.

Stories about Armadilla Wax Works, candles, family and friends.

Quality candles by every measure.

Hot wax is being poured into a silicone pillar candle mold to begin the candle making process. Why silicone? We learned that this material can be made to specifications of our designs, textures and sizes so that just about any shape is possible.

Our new blog has a new title: Light a Candle. It is the first part of an idea that, most of us have heard many times, but is most  intriguing because it is so true: "Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness". 

The new blog will have some information about quality candle making, memories about the business, thoughts about candlelight and ideas about how to use candles safely to add the ambiance that ONLY candlelight can provide. A special art form that is part science, part craftsmanship and part creativity. 

Creating a small business takes time - it evolves but never feels fully realized because there is always a new challenge, a new idea, a better way to make something that is beautiful and functional. When it comes right down to it, a candle has a job to do. A quality-made candle will deliver the perfect experience. Making a candle takes patience - it takes time for the hot wax to form into the mold, cool and then wait patiently until the wick is lit and the magic begins. 

Red pillar in the snow.

The simple truth is that we make the candles, you make them beautiful. Think about it. When you bring home a candle you already have an idea of where it will go, when you will light it, who will enjoy it, why you chose the one you decided to buy. Was it the color? the fragrance? the design? Candlelight alone is enough to add a feeling of gratitude or calm. Maybe it's something special for your family and friends and maybe, now and then, it's just for yourself. Candlelight is like that - it doesn't know who is in the audience: "Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." -Mark Twain. 

We often bring candles home to test and to take photos. One snowy day, when the snow stopped falling, the ledge of the planter wall looked like just the perfect setting for a candle! After several frames, the flame moved ever so gently and we got a great shot! When you create a wonderful candle lit scene - take a photo and send it to us - we would LOVE to see it. Capture the moment - it doesn't have to be perfectly composed. 

Stylish and affordable. Candlelight is an affordable luxury. Grab one of those odd glass flower vases, add water and, instead of flowers, add candles! 

Look around the house for a location to add a simple votive cup = a little romantic candlelight and fragrance. 

Candles naturally glow all on their own - check out luminary candle holders to really add illumination - lights and shadows - indoors and out on the patio. 

           Needless to say - never leave a lit candle unattended. 

When Armadilla Wax Works first started in old town Tempe, the candles were completely different than now - there were 36" tall hand dipped taper candles and highly refined candle forms cast in sand with sections for candles and cavities for live cactus plants... ? Honest.  (Will be looking back in photo archives for early images.)

From industrial stainless steel tanks, equipment and pouring cans, 

to a finished candle takes time and patience and an eye for detail. 

We bring you the best we have to offer because we know that 

candlelight is important.