Tucson, Arizona and Pygmy Owls

Tucson, Arizona and Pygmy Owls

As you know by now, Armadilla Wax Works has been an Arizona business since 1971. In the early days we often sold candles at the 4th Avenue Street Fairs in downtown Tucson along with many of our fellow craft makers. We have always had a fondness for the Sonora desert of Southern Arizona because of the lush desert landscape and enormous saguaros. 

A few days ago, we decided to drive from Prescott Valley to Tucson, actually the Marana area north of Tucson to buy a couple of wax melter tanks and equipment from a desert dweller who had not used them for many years. Always up for a trip to Tucson and a good deal, we followed directions carefully and luckily it was during the day - there are no street lights out on the desert and actually, most "roads" are just well worn paths.  The equipment was indeed a good deal and in good condition.

When we were almost finished loading everything in the car the owner asked if we would like to see the pygmy owls that often rested during the day in his shed. Of course. Here are a couple of photos of these beautiful, tiny birds.

They were as interested in us as we were in them. Very curious, unafraid.   


The candles we make reflect the Southwest with colors and fragrances. 

   Desert Rain fragrance is one of our signature exclusive fragrances - along with Starry Night and our wonderful Copper Canyon.