Wild places and sunflowers.


Inspiration can come from unusual places - sometimes from things you have seen a million times but see differently one day.

That's how it is with sunflowers, and any other flowers for that matter, that grow wild and unattended. They just grow there in unexpected places. I guess it's that old saying, "stop and smell the roses". Stop and look at the landscape, at your town, your parks. Just a walk with the dog can reveal a little beauty right in front of you and take you out of your cluttered mind. Sunflowers have that "flower power" to do that every time - whether is is one or two or a whole field of 'em.

Here are a few photos taken recently in an area called Watson Lake. Sometimes a meandering body of water, sometimes half empty and many times a wonderful bird refuge and often times a place for flowers.   

 Once you start to notice sunflowers you may start to see them everywhere! Here are a photos taken around Prescott. 

Of course our sunflower candles have a lot to be thankful for... with inspiration like this how can you go wrong? Our candles are our own original design and made in molds we also made at the shop. We make hundreds of them and each one is poured and finished one at a time! You always receive the most beautiful candles anytime of the year - for any occasion - celebrations and ceremonies.  Floating candles are easy to use and are appropriate for both fancy and casual table centerpiece settings. Just use any container you have on hand, add tepid water to the desired height. Pinch the candle wick and gently lower into the water. Light and enjoy - our candles will light the night for up to 7 hours. They are unscented so they are a perfect addition to the dinner table with just relaxing candlelight and no aroma.

 Thank you for shopping for hand crafted candles made in the USA! We appreciate your business! You are most welcome to visit our store located in Prescott Valley, Arizona and say hello to Riley.

See you soon!