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Floating Pool Candles

Floating Water Lily 6 inch Pool Candle

Floating Water Lily 6 inch Pool Candle
Made for parties in and around the swimming pool,
pond or birdbath.
This is our original Waterlily candle design that we have been making for many years here at the Armadilla Wax Works.
The 6" wide lily pad offers stability in the water as the interior part of the flower candle burns and glows. 
This is a lovely design as a centerpiece for a dramatic indoor
tabletop decor as well.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not make these candles at this time of the year so please call if you need a special order - which will take a minimum of two weeks. Thanks.

Size: 6"     Unscented        Burn time: 7+ Hours

Single Candle $15.95
Save 5% on a box of 6 candles,
Save 10% on a box of 12 candles,
Plus FREE SHIPPING on 12+candles.
Need more candles for your special event? Please call us: 866-264-1971

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jay Jorgensen (Provo, US)
Excellent candles!

We ordered them for a wedding reception. They are lovely.

O'Neil (Carmel, US)

great candles, great service.