Pumpkins are just ~ everywhere

Hope you live near a farm where you can go out in the field and pick your own pumpkins! The sight of a farm stand loaded with pumpkins of various shapes and sizes is something we look forward to in the fall. Here in Arizona are several family owned farms! The farm has changed hands from the original owners when we used to take our boys out to the farm in the fall - I remember that when I accompanied the pre-school class one year there was a giant pile of pumpkins in front of the store and it quickly became over-run with 3 and 4 year olds, immediately drawn to the mountain of pumpkins and started to climb all over them! 
This is a photo of our Pumpkin Spice display in the candle store in Prescott Valley where we included bunches of our floating pumpkin candles! They are SO cute to use for table top decorations or for a party - floating in a big bowl. 

Because floating candles are used most often in a centerpiece, we do not add fragrance so the candles just provide a romantic glow and there are no scents to interfere with the aromas of the dinner...however, if you love fragrance, buy our exceptional Double Fragrance Pumpkin Spice pillar candles NEW this year!
This deep rich and delicious fragrance blend is absolutely perfect - and we have the best "noses" in the business. We test all of our choices to make sure that the candles burn correctly and offer you the wonderful aroma you are looking for. If you love fragrance you will love our Pumpkin Spice - even if you don't love pumpkin pie - but I don't understand why some people don't. Oh, well. You might like our Apple Crisp! A tried and true choice for the season!