San Juan Capistrano and Water Lilies.

Lots of folks escape from the summer heat in Arizona to the beach towns in California. It's like when you hear the beach boys music on the radio, it's as if they are calling to you. My family used to live in Laguna Beach and then in Vista, California so it is no surprise that my parents often took us to the beach pretty often.
      In addition to the ocean, visiting the missions, whenever we could, was also important. There were 21 built up and down California by Franciscan priests between 1769 and 1833.
     The mission at San Juan Capistrano was reported to be one of the most magnificent of all. Unfortunately most of it was destroyed as severe earthquakes shook the area on Dec. 8, 1812.
It had a tumultuous beginning and later the earthquake but now the grounds are a peaceful place to wander and a photographer's dream! Here are a few images taken last weekend:

This is a place where you can discover quiet alcoves, garden benches and ponds.


Every way you turn there are beautiful album-worthy scenes.

One or two just might become a framed image for our home!







Serra's Chapel ~ this photo was taken standing just outside of the entrance.  The flickering candles in the red jars were so beautiful. 
 As you can see, the walls are very thick as are many buildings in the Southwest to help people stay cool inside.  

The original mission - still an inspiring place.

      This is the largest waterlily pond you'll ever see.         
      At night it might be just a little more enchanting with floating waterlily candles!

Enjoy the summer of 2018. Wherever your travels take you.

At home, enjoy a romantic evening with candlelight floating on your pond, birdbath or pool.

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