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Floating Large Pumpkin Candle

Floating Large Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkin festivals are everywhere in the fall. 
Our large 4" pumpkins can be used as floating candles or individually on candle holder plates in your fall centerpiece.


How to create a floating pumpkin candle centerpiece: Grab a glass bowl (or a brass bucket) fill with water - leaving about 2-3" or so from the top edge; gently lower the 4" pumpkin candle into the water, add a few 3" pumpkin candles, light and enjoy!

Unscented   Diameter 4" 

Burn Time: Up to 9 hours

Single candle price is $7.50; save 10% on a box of 3 candles; save 15% on a box of 12 candles and 20% on a case of 36 candles!

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