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Floating 4 inch Pumpkin Candle

This size is sold out for now. 

Floating 4 inch Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkin festivals are everywhere in the fall. 
4" pumpkins can be used as floating candles or individually on a candle holder in a fall centerpiece.


How to create a floating pumpkin candle centerpiece: Grab a glass bowl (or a brass bucket) fill with water - leaving about 2-3" or so from the top edge; gently lower the 4" pumpkin candle into the water, add a few 3" pumpkin candles, light and enjoy!

Unscented   Diameter 4" 

Burn Time: Up to 9 hours

Single candle price is $7.50; save 10% on a box of 3 candles; save 15% on a box of 12 candles and 20% on a case of 36 candles!